The North End of
the South Island

My wife and I have been working in Wellington, New Zealand for the last two months and finally got a weekend to go explore. We drove onto a ferry to the south island and made our way along its northern coast to Golden Bay. I brought my Panasonic EVA1 & Zacuto Gratical Eye with me. Sadly I couldn’t shoot some of the amazing hikes we went on due to heavy rain, but got some good stuff nonetheless.

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A Solid 13.3″ Field Monitor

I’ve been kicking myself for not taking part in the Osee 15.6″ Field Monitor group buys that were running a month or so ago. And while I’m sure its worth every penny of its $995 price tag, it’s strangely difficult for me to spend that much when I know others got it for a few hundred less. Also, it’s probably overkill for my needs. While LUT support, focus assist, peaking, waveform, etc are all necessary, I have those features on my 5″ and 7″ monitors, from which a feed can be run to a larger production monitor, making those camera assist tools somewhat redundant. Even if I were to use this monitor alone, I’m shooting with a Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera that has many of those features built-in too.

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Motion Picture Credits

Two things to say about this right off the bat are (1) if you’re not bound by any union/guild contracts, present your credits however you see fit. And (2) I’ve somewhat reverse engineered this so if someone can add clarification or note something here that isn’t accurate, please do and I’ll revise the article.

That being said, here are some general guidelines for the presentation of your movie’s credits. If you are left with any questions, pop in one of your favorite movies and analyze what they did.

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A Dynamic Range and
Tonality Comparison
of V-Log L on the GH4

With the inadvertent pre-release of V-Log L to GH4 owners this week, a number of questions immediately surfaced that focused on noise levels, LUTs, and usability. For me, the most important distinction to be made was how it performed when captured in 8 bit, versus 10 bit. And how it compared to the built-in profiles that the GH4 was released with. Last, I wanted to get to the bottom of these new cyan/magenta artifacts other users were reporting. And I did.

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SLR Magic 10mm T2.1
Hyperprime Cine Lens

I had heard really great things about this lens, but was still taken aback by how fun it was to shoot with. It is the widest in my set of SLR Magic cine lenses, all of which I’ve come to be a fan of. I paired it with my Panasonic GH4 which has a mFT mount. So no adapter or speedbooster is required.

Two things struck me right away. How sharp it remained with the aperture wide open, and how little distortion it had. It’s definitely there, but nothing like the fisheye effect you get with other lenses. Which makes it a great choice for filmmakers who need to increase their field of view dramatically, without that goofy look associated with many ultra wide angle lenses.

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