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A Solid 13.3″ Field Monitor

I’ve been kicking myself for not taking part in the Osee 15.6″ Field Monitor group buys that were running a month or so ago. And while I’m sure its worth every penny of its $995 price tag, it’s strangely difficult for me to spend that much when I know others got it for a few hundred less. Also, it’s probably overkill for my needs. While LUT support, focus assist, peaking, waveform, etc are all necessary, I have those features on my 5″ and 7″ monitors, from which a feed can be run to a larger production monitor, making those camera assist tools somewhat redundant. Even if I were to use this monitor alone, I’m shooting with a Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera that has many of those features built-in too.

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SLR Magic 50mm T.95
Hyperprime Cine Lens

As you can probably tell from this blog, I’m a big fan of the SLR Magic line-up of cine lenses. Their mFT mount makes them an ideal set to pair with our Panasonic GH4s, and overall they are very well matched for color and contrast. That’s not to say I’m predisposed to like anything they offer. I would certainly voice disappointment if a new lens didn’t live up to their previous releases. Fortunately, this new 50mm is amongst their best.

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SLR Magic 10mm T2.1
Hyperprime Cine Lens

I had heard really great things about this lens, but was still taken aback by how fun it was to shoot with. It is the widest in my set of SLR Magic cine lenses, all of which I’ve come to be a fan of. I paired it with my Panasonic GH4 which has a mFT mount. So no adapter or speedbooster is required.

Two things struck me right away. How sharp it remained with the aperture wide open, and how little distortion it had. It’s definitely there, but nothing like the fisheye effect you get with other lenses. Which makes it a great choice for filmmakers who need to increase their field of view dramatically, without that goofy look associated with many ultra wide angle lenses.

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A Veritable Evaluation
of Variable ND

First… about the title of this entry. I know it’s a mouthful. In my defense… I’m an idiot.

Variable ND Comparison: SLR Magic vs Tiffen

When I set out to do this comparison, I thought I knew what to expect. I thought putting the Tiffen Variable ND next to the SLR Magic Variable ND would produce similar results with minor differences. I typically use these during the day to cut a substantial amount of light. So in this test, I have the Panasonic GH4 shooting 4K with the Natural profile, set with an ISO of 200. Without ND the 25mm’s aperture is at a T/8 and I’m cutting 5 stops with each ND to bring the aperture to a T/1.4.

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