How To Get All Your SAG New Media Questions Answered

Have questions about using the New Media agreement on a feature-length movie? Want to know what is and isn’t negotiable under this agreement? Is there a bond? Is there a minimum? What happens if I sign with a VOD or Blu-ray distributor?

It’s understandable that you may not want to attract undue attention from SAG-Aftra before you know the lay of the land. Here’s how to get all your questions answered accurately and discreetly.

1. Make up a fake movie title.

2. Make up a fake name for yourself.

3. Call SAG-Aftra’s New Media department and ask your questions.

4. ???

5. Profit.

Be proud. You’ve sidestepped any problems that might arise from unverified word of mouth by going straight to the horse’s mouth.

  • Every project I’ve ever done is SAG yet every time I turn around some filmmaker has a horror story. Some are downright intimidated by the process, but those are usually disorganized producers who lack the formality and administrative discipline to keep SAG happy. As far as i’m concerned it’s par for the course–the necessary skillset is transferrable to other essential elements of producing.