Our Movie, Distributed by Paramount Pictures

This is something I’ve been eager to share with you for some time, but we wanted to wait until the ink was dry because this is big, big news for us.

Paramount Pictures has agreed to distribute Down and Dangerous on 130+ international VOD platforms WORLDWIDE! And the release dates start this week! I’ve already seen some advertising in Italian and other languages showing up on Twitter.

Have to admit this feels very much like winning the lottery. Never in a million years did we anticipate a major studio would take on such a huge portion of our distribution effort. For the most part, they are in charge of releasing it everywhere except the US and Canada.

Instantly, my thoughts go to everyone who I credit with making this project possible. Nearly four years after the Kickstarter campaign concluded, myself and the rest of The Sabi Company remain very, very grateful to you.

If you have any friends overseas, tell them to keep an eye out for the movie you helped make possible. Thanks again!

  • Hannah G Barefoot

    CONGRATULATIONS! That is truly amazing. A well earned reward for a LOT of hard work.