Once More With Feeling



Now that I’ve crowbarred the lid off this site and dusted away the cobwebs, I’m all set to make good use of this sucker again. The old posts are gone for now, but not forgotten, and may make a return one day.

I’ve also taken all 1,800+ hacked user accounts on the old version of this site out back and beaten them to a black paste.

They died without dignity.

Here’s the plan: This will be my playground; the intent being to share insight from my experiences making and selling movies, and documenting all the (debatably) useful shit floating around in my head.

This blog has two subscribers so far, and they’re both traceable back to email addresses owned by me. Hopefully I won’t be shouting into a vacuum for too long. I have a bunch of projects that I’m dying to talk about here.

To that end, I hope you find some value in the posts to come.

  • Dee

    Good luck starting back up with your blog, Zak!